Sadie Valeri Atelier Online Art Classes

Welcome to my Online Art School

I am Sadie Valeri, Director and Founder of Sadie Valeri Atelier,
my private art school in San Francisco, California,
where I have taught classical drawing and painting for ten years.

Here in my Online Atelier I present my entire curriculum with videos,
written instructions, printable handouts and detailed notes.

I share all the technical and philosophical information you need to learn these major historical methods:

  • 19th century French Academic drawing
  • Hyper-realistic paintings on smooth panel following Flemish methods
  • Classical paintings with a limited palette on linen
  • Impressionist styles with loose brushstrokes and vibrant color

Figure DrawingNEW: Classical Figure Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal

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Get personal weekly feedback if you wish, or work through the video lessons on your own with help from detailed instructions and handouts.

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Video Lessons Include:


Introduction to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plates
Cast Drawing with Graphite
Drawing Drapery with Chalk and Charcoal
Cast Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal
NEW: Classical Figure Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal

Exercises for Mastering Value and Color
Indirect (Layered) Method
Direct Method: Common Errors in Still Life Painting
Alla Prima Peonies
Alla Prima Roses

All of my videos are also available for purchase on USB or as digital downloads.

Cast Drawing in Charcoal and White Chalk

The videos are professionally filmed and edited by my filmmaker/musician husband, Nowell Valeri. His expert sound design makes my voice sound like a smooth radio host so you can enjoy my detailed voice-over instruction.


Bonus videos are ONLY available streaming to members of the Online Atelier, and are not available for purchase:

Bonus Video: Roses and Peonies Demonstration
This live flower painting demonstration shows every brushstroke and palette mix. There is no voiceover or direct instruction, but nothing has been edited out of the process of creating this 6-hour painting of real, living flowers. A 2x speedup has reduced the viewing time from 6 to 3 hours, but otherwise the video is only lightly edited.

Bonus Video: 4-Day Workshop
15+ hours of video from my annual in-studio painting workshop is available exclusively to my Online Atelier members. Packed with an enormous amount of information, the workshop videos share everything I know and teach about three methods of oil painting: Alla Prima, Direct, and Indirect methods.

I love sharing everything I know about painting and drawing, and the lessons in my Online Atelier cover far more than I learned in my four years of full time art school.

Weekly Feedback
Members have the option to upgrade to Weekly Feedback, which means you can upload your artwork for detailed written critiques and personal mentoring, where I work with you to help you realize your own artistic goals. You can upload your personal artwork or lesson assignments. All levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced artists.

My goal is to teach you how to continually improve your skills,
year after year, well after your formal studies are over.

I teach traditional atelier methods for contemporary artists. My students learn how to draw and paint realistically from life in any environment, at any size, for any length of time. Learn to see and judge proportions, values and colors accurately without reliance on external tools, grids, photos, or sight-size. I teach skills that apply to any medium or style, whether sketching outside for 30 minutes or creating a 100-hour studio painting.

“With so many art videos you are just watching the artist paint with the occasional comment about paint mixtures or brushes. You don’t really get what is going on in their heads. Sadie shares all of that and it really makes all the difference.”
–Karmen E.

About Me
I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 1993. But it wasn’t until my early 30’s, when I discovered traditional Classical Realism training, that my artwork reached a professional level. I started winning awards and selling my paintings. And I started getting requests to teach.

My artwork and instruction have now been featured in over a dozen print magazines and books, and for the last decade I have attracted hundreds of students yearly to my San Francisco studio. I have been a judge for several national art competitions and I have been a faculty presenter at the Portrait Society of America and the FACE Figurative Conference.

To see more of my artwork and learn more about me, visit: