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Members: Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan
1. Make sure you are logged in, then go to the Membership page.
2. Choose your desired membership plan and follow the sign-up process.
3. Upon checkout the membership system will automatically pro-rate your subscription based on your billing cycle and apply your new rate.
Note: If you have a 2020 or older plan, you may need to cancel your old subscription before upgrading to a new subscription. Email for assistance.

Pause or Cancel Memberships
MONTHLY MEMBERS: Click the Subscriptions link above to pause or cancel. NOTE: If you pause your account, it only pauses the billing, it does not pause or extend your access to the courses or forums. You will not be charged again until you un-pause your account. So it’s best to time any pauses to coincide with your billing schedule. If you cancel, you will still have access to the courses and forums through the end of the billing cycle. If you want to start again you’ll need to re-subscribe. Your forum topics and posts will remain intact when you pause or cancel.

YEARLY MEMBERS: Pausing is not recommended. If you pause, you are only pausing the billing, you are not pausing your access to the courses or forums. So pausing means you still have access to the account for the year you pre-paid and it does not extend the amount of time you have access. If you pause you will not be billed for the next year until you un-pause your account, and you will lose access when the pre-paid year is over. The same is true if you cancel: You will still have access for the year you pre-paid. When the year is over you won’t be charged for another year, and if you want to start again after that you’ll need to re-subscribe.

PAYPAL USERS: There is a known issue with account cancellation for payment plans hosted by Paypal. You may need to log into Paypal directly and MANUALLY cancel your subscription.

To Download Purchased Courses (Video Content Only):
We highly recommend watching your courses streaming right here on our website. You can access your courses on the My Courses page. If you absolutely need to view the videos offline, you can download the video portion of the courses you have purchased, but for some courses you may need to look at the course lesson pages for written instructions. Click here to go to My Downloads. Downloads are not available with memberships: Downloads are only available if you have purchased individual courses.

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