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Introduction to Classical Drawing (Graphite)

3 FREE SAMPLE LESSONS This is not a general introduction to drawing: It’s an introduction to 19th century Classical French Academic drawing techniques. Learn how to improve your drawing skills through a series of graphite pencil exercises.

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Bargue Plate Drawing (Graphite)

Learn from the same master drawings that were the foundation of training for all art students in 19th century France. This course includes the Intro to Classical Drawing course

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Cast Drawing (Graphite)

Learn how to create a masterful cast drawing to historic standards. This course includes the Intro to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plate Drawing courses.

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Each course is accessible enough to take in any order, without a pre-requisite, but if you want to follow a formal atelier program curriculum, we recommend working through the courses in this order:

  1. Intro to Classical Drawing (Graphite)
  2. Bargue Plate Drawing (Graphite)
  3. Cast Drawing (Graphite)
  4. Charcoal Drapery
  5. Charcoal Cast Drawing
  6. Still Life oil painting: Direct
  7. Still life oil painting: Alla Prima
  8. Still life oil painting: Indirect
  9. Figure drawing
  10. Portrait painting

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