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Introduction to Oil Painting (Direct Method)

Suitable for absolute beginners, this course teaches how to paint your first oil painting with simple step-by-step instructions.

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Common Errors in Still Life Painting (Direct Method)

Sadie creates two paintings to demonstrate the errors of technique and judgment that can block an artist's development.

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Glazing and Scumbling with Oil Paint

Create luminosity, depth, and surface variation in your paintings. Learn Sadie's advanced painting techniques for building up thick impastos of paint with lush textural marks, and creating even more texture by applying a glaze over a dry scumble.

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BONUS: Master Copy of a Rubens Portrait (Direct Method)

Using Baroque pigments and painting methods, paint along with Sadie as she creates a copy of 17th century Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens' portrait sketch of his wife, Isabella Brant.

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BONUS: Workshop Livestream: Three Methods of Oil Painting

Watch the live-streamed videos of Sadie's 4-day workshop teaching 3 methods of oil painting: Direct, Indirect, Alla Prima, at her San Francisco atelier.

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