Advanced Still Life Painting: Venus (Indirect Method)

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Sadie paints ethereal, subtle layers using Indirect method to create her masterful Dutch-Master-inspired still life paintings of crumpled wax paper, often spending weeks on a single small painting.

The entire 6-week process of painting Venus was filmed in close-up detail. Watch in gorgeous hi-definition as the painting develops through:
Preparatory pencil drawing
Graphite transfer to smooth gesso panel
Transparent umber underpainting called “open grisaille” or imprimatura
Color underpainting called “dead-color” or √©bauche
Color layers including scumbling and glazing techniques

Venus, oil on panel, 16 x 20 inches, by Sadie Valeri

In this flawlessly edited 4.5-hour video course every step is shared, no stage is skipped, and Sadie narrates with voice-over to share every technique she uses and decision she makes throughout the process. The camera focuses on details over extended periods of working time, so the viewer can clearly see exactly how Sadie holds the brush, mixes and applies the oil paint to create her effects of stunning realism.