Bargue Plate Drawing (Graphite)

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Drawing by
Ian Hurtado Zafra

The most in-depth Bargue Plate classical drawing course available online. In this 8-week course our instructor demonstrates every step of making a detailed graphite Bargue plate copy, resulting in a drawing that sets the gold standard for contemporary atelier training.

Instructor Ian Hurtado Zafra spent over 100 hours creating this drawing, and we’ve edited it into eight watchable video lessons. The entire process is documented from beginning to end, including hi-resolution closeups of Ian’s masterful graphite shading technique in more detail than is observable even in person. Sadie’s voiceover narration describes the process, goals, and concepts behind this most fundamental exercise of historic art training.

This course includes our Intro to Classical Drawing course. Bargue Plate Drawing and Intro to Classical Drawing are both included with our Cast Drawing with Graphite courses.

Hi-res images of the Bargue course drawing plates are included in this course.

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Bargue Plate: Turning Form Part I

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Bargue Plate: Turning Form Part II

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Bargue drawings are by Jean-Léon Gérôme, and were reproduced by his student, lithographer Charles Bargue, thus the name. Learning how to correctly copy Bargue plates was required training for art students in 19th century France. After students made their Bargue Plate copies they were ready to draw directly from plaster casts of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. Only after that were students considered prepared to draw from the live model. Historically students did all of this drawing study before they began painting.

Course Duration
For those who are able to practice 10-20 hours a week, the course can be completed in about 8 weeks. There are no due dates or deadlines for our courses, so students can start at any time and work at their own pace.

Course Sequence
For those who would like to follow Sadie’s recommended program of study, we recommend starting with Intro to Classical Drawing and progressing through completing at least one Bargue Plate with Graphite. At that point, continue on to Cast Drawing with Graphite, or any of the charcoal drawing courses, or any of the painting courses. For members who are working with our instructors, we are happy to help you decide.

Video Content Running Time: 5 hours

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