Cast Drawing (Charcoal)

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Follow along step-by-step with Sadie’s detailed demonstration and voice-over instruction to learn how to create a strong, beautiful cast drawing with charcoal and chalk on gray toned paper.

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Cast Drawing with Charcoal and Chalk

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Working from Michelangelo’s Giuliano de’ Medici portrait bust, Sadie shares timeless principles for capturing proportion and light in her clear, descriptive teaching style. These techniques for creating believable, light-filled drawings can be applied to any subject, and your drawing ability will improve significantly through experiencing this traditional historic training.

For information about how to acquire your own cast, see Sadie’s blog post:
Cast Drawing at Home: How to Purchase, Set up and Light a Beginner Cast in your Home Studio

Video Content Running Time: 1 hour 8 mins

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By Sadie Valeri