Glazing and Scumbling Roses

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In this sequel to Sadie’s previous course Glazing and Scumbling with Oil Paint, Sadie shows how she applies advanced paint handling techniques to the elusive subject of living roses.

Emulating the process of Dutch Golden Age flower painters, Sadie demonstrates how she creates drawings and color studies of her living rose subjects, and then relies on her studies to incorporate the blossoms into a large still life composition including her signature subject of crumpled wax paper.

Starting the painting with a grisaille or “dead-layer”, Sadie scumbles in the lights with lead white paint, building up texture where appropriate, and allowing the underpainting dry before applying thin layers of glazes to complete the painting.

The course also demonstrates how Sadie selects specific mediums and additives, including chalk dust and fumed silica, to extend the opaque and transparent properties of oil paint and create exciting surface variations.

These advanced paint handling techniques are applicable to any subject, and greatly enhance the ability of oil painters to infuse their paintings with more texture, depth, and drama.

Available now for pre-order! Course will be released in early December 2022

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