Introduction to Classical Drawing (Graphite)

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Learn how to draw accurate proportions and smooth shading in this 8-week course. Each lesson introduces exercises for developing hand dexterity and visual perception. Sadie’s lessons are easily understood by the beginner and result in dramatic skill advancement for artists of all levels.

This course is included with our Bargue Plate Drawing course and our Cast Drawing with Graphite course.

The first three lessons are free.

Updated Oct 15, 2021
New lessons added, all circle and sphere demonstration videos updated with brand new footage.


How is “Intro to Classical Drawing” different from a “Beginning Drawing” course?
Many beginning drawing courses overview of a lot of different subjects, from still life and portraiture to perspective. In contrast, Introduction to Classical Drawing is a deep dive into intensive skill-building pencil exercises.

Just as a classical musician starts with learning scales to develop hand dexterity and tone perception, the classical art student practices essential skill-building exercises that develop hand dexterity and visual perception. Think of these lessons as scales for the visual artist.

Course Duration
For those who are able to practice 5-10 hours a week, the course can be completed in about 8-12 weeks. However, for those with little experience with formal drawing classes, it can take longer. There are no due dates or deadlines for our courses, so students can start at any time and work at their own pace.

Course Sequence
For those who would like to follow Sadie’s recommended program of study, we recommend starting with Intro to Classical Drawing and progressing through completing at least one Bargue Plate with Graphite. At that point, continue on to Cast Drawing with Graphite, or any of the charcoal drawing courses, or any of the painting courses. For members who are working with our instructors, we are happy to help you decide.

Video Content Running Time: 3 hours

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