Mastering Value and Color (Indirect Method)

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Sadie designed this series of oil painting exercises as an introduction to Indirect Method painting, in which many thin layers of paint are built up with small soft brushes on smooth wood panel to create detailed paintings of stunning realism. The instruction includes nuanced color theory, form modeling techniques, and edge control exercises that are beneficial to all painting methods.

Starting with monochromatic paint color, students learn brush control and value perception as they work towards creating a 3-dimensional sphere. Once value control is mastered, students are ready to paint form in color, working from observation of a single brown egg lit by a single light source. Color theory and color mixing are demonstrated with detailed narration, as well as information on the technical aspects of Indirect method paints, mediums, and supports.

Video Content Running Time: 3.5 hours

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Paint Value and Edges – Bullseye

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