Portrait Painting from Master Copy and from Life (Alla Prima)

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Sadie paints a master copy of a head study by Van Dyck, and then paints a portrait of her husband, Nowell, using the same technique.

Video Content Running Time: 3 hours 39 mins

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Online Art Courses Portrait Painting (Alla Prima) by Sadie Valeri

Portrait Painting From Master Copy and From Life

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Head of a bearded Man wearing a Wheel Ruff, 
Anthony van Dyck
(This is the full-res image suitable for copying, right-click to open and view)

Materials List: Direct Method / Alla Prima

Alternate Palette
The recommended color palette for this course different from the recommendations on the main Alla Prima list. This palette is limited to pigments that were available at the time Van Dyck was painting in the 17th century:
Lead White
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber
Bone Black (black also acts as a blue when mixed with white).
Recommended Paint Brands
Natural Pigments' Rublev


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