Still Life Painting (Indirect Method)

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In this 3-hour video course Sadie demonstrates her method for creating a layered, indirect oil painting, working in the tradition of the Dutch Masters of still life.

Before attempting a more complex still life with Indirect method, We recommend completing the Mastering Value and Color with Indirect Method course, in which you will paint a value sphere and a single brown egg to learn all the steps of this meticulous and highly technical method.

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Still Life Painting with Indirect Method

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High-definition video footage, professionally recorded and edited, shows how Sadie uses thin layers and controlled brushwork to create her painting Anchor in the Gale. Sadie spent over 50 hours creating the painting, resulting in 45 hours of painting footage. All of this is edited down to a watchable, information-packed 3-hour video.

Anchor in the Gale, 8 x 8 inches, oil on panel, by Sadie Valeri

With voice-over narration Sadie shares detailed commentary for every stage of her process: She starts with a detailed preparatory line drawing and transfers it to a traditional-chalk gesso primed wood panel. Working with monochromatic layers she paints a detailed “grisaille” underpainting in grayscale. She then paints several layers of full color over the grisaille, developing more and more refined detail with each pass to bring the painting to a high level of finish.

Working completely from life, in natural light, Sadie shows how a meticulous, traditional technique can be used by contemporary artists to create stunning realistic paintings.

Video Content Running Time: 3 Hours

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