If you have read through all the Frequently Asked Questions below and your question is not answered, you can email for more help.

Q: How do I start working with the Online Class?
Click the CLASS tab and read the Welcome message at the top, highlighted in yellow, where you will find instructions for how to begin.

Q: How do I pause or cancel my account?
Click the ACCOUNT tab above. Then click on the link labeled Subscriptions at the top of the page to activate the Subscriptions Panel. Look to the right side of the Panel to find the words UPDATE PAUSE CANCEL and click the action you want to take:

Q: How do I upload my images?
A: Go to the Class Page, and scroll to the bottom to make your own Topic with your name in the title. You can then upload your images by clicking the small “image” icon in the toolbar, the icon with a mountain picture.
It can take up to a minute to load a large image, so wait until the “Please Wait” text has disappeared, or your image will fail to post.

Q: I already started the lessons on the old website or in the in-studio class in San Francisco, what should I do next?
A: Upload images of all your previous exercises, so we have a record here of your work. We will review any exercises that need to further refinement or clarification, and when you are ready Sadie will let you know which exercise to do next.

Q: I noticed the new lessons are a different order than the lessons on the old site. What should I do next?
A: Starting from the beginning, do any lessons you have not yet done, in order. I changed the order of the lessons a little bit, to make it easier for you to build skills sequentially.

Q: I started my own Topic Thread but now I don’t see it on the front page, how do I find it?
You can search for your own name in the Search field at the top of the Class page to find your Topic Thread.

Q: I need help with a technical issue with the site, where should I post about it?
A: Please send an email to and Sadie’s husband Nowell will get back to you. Please don’t post technical support questions here on the site.