Bundle: All Drawing Courses

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Sadie Valeri’s drawing program presents the 19th century French atelier drawing system in an accessible format for today’s artists, from Bargue plates and cast drawing through drapery and figure study. These beautifully-produced, step-by-step lessons in graphite and charcoal lead to fast skill development, increased hand dexterity and acute visual sensitivity. Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced professional artist.

Price includes the following courses:
Classical Sketchbook for Beginners
Introduction to Classical Drawing (Graphite)
Bargue Plate Drawing (Graphite)
Cast Drawing (Graphite)
Drapery Drawing (Charcoal)
Cast Drawing (Charcoal)
Figure Drawing (Charcoal)
Figure Drawing Master Copy (Livestream)
Seashell Drawing (Livestream)
BONUS: Two Figure Drawing Master Copy Demos
BONUS: Sadie’s Sketchbook