Bundle: All Painting Courses

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Through her mastery of historic painting techniques and her natural, clear teaching style, Sadie Valeri demonstrates how to paint florals, still life, portrait and landscape in her information-packed, beautifully-produced painting courses.
Learn a variety of historic methods for oil painting, from single-session wet-in-wet techniques to many-layered paintings with advanced glazing and scumbling methods for exploring texture and transparency. Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced professional artist.

Price includes the following courses:
Introduction to Oil Painting (Direct Method)
Common Errors in Still Life Painting (Direct Method)
Glazing and Scumbling with Oil Paint (Direct Method)
Glazing and Scumbling Roses (Direct Method)
Alla Prima Roses (Alla Prima)
Alla Prima Peonies (Alla Prima)
Portrait Painting From Master Copy and From Life (Alla Prima)
Plein Air Oil Painting: Land and Sea
Mastering Value and Color (Indirect Method)
Still Life Painting (Indirect Method)
Advanced Still Life Painting: Venus (Indirect Method)
BONUS: Master Copy of a Rubens Portrait (Direct Method)
BONUS: Horse and Mantle Painting (Direct Method)
BONUS: Alla Prima Roses and Peonies (Alla Prima)
BONUS: Sketching a Seashell in Oil (Alla Prima)